At Canada Life Re, we realize that as a company and as individuals, everything we do affects those around us. We owe it to everyone within CLRE and to the communities in which we operate to act in a socially responsible manner.  We’re pleased to share with you some of our recent activities that support those initiatives,"  Jeff Poulin, CEO Canada Life Reinsurance.

At Canada Life Reinsurance, our responsibility as a good corporate citizen is core to who we are. This means being guided by strong moral and ethical standards in daily interactions with employees, clients, and stakeholders.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility balances the needs of the business with those of our employees and the needs of the communities in which we operate, as well as the world at large. It also means considering the environmental impact of what we do.

Canada Life Re continues to pursue our purpose of helping people and organizations to exceed their potential. This page highlights recent CLRe humanitarian activities and accomplishments, each categorized within United Nations Sustainability Goals

Corporate Social Responsibility at our parent company Great-West Life Co